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“Most people think they want more money than they really do,
and they settle for a lot less than they could get.”

Earl Nightingale, author of The Strangest Secret

What does your financial house look like?

We were all born rich with potential, although some of us have temporary cash-flow challenges. One of my favorite thinkers on this topic is Bob Proctor, and he’s at his best in chapter 2, “How Much is Enough?,” of You Were Born Rich, an international bestseller.

You may be tempted to pull a figure out of the sky. Bob outlines the right way to do it. In fact, this chapter outlines a plan to get your financial house in order so you can stop worrying about money–either your lack of cash flow or debts you owe. When you stop worrying about the money you don’t have, you free up your mind to focus on the things you do want and you start attracting more prosperity into your life.

You Were Born Rich is a very practical book.

I really like Bob’s recommendation to pay yourself first. In other words, start saving every week. Bob encourages people to seek out experts to help. It’s what wealthy people do. Wealthy people don’t ask their neighbor or brother-in-law for financial advice, unless their neighbor or brother-in-law happens to be a financial expert.

Insurance creates an instant estate for your family. Savings and investments create financial security. A debt-repayment plan gives you peace of mind.

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Begin where you are, but take action now. Start enjoying all the riches you were born with.

And be well!