July 10, 2015 / by Pat Schultz / No Comments

Today, I presented the topic of stress management to 2 different companies. The first presentation was a webinar for hospital managers and clinical staff. The second presentation was to a group of workers at a technology manufacturing plant. These were two very different environments but they shared many of the same concerns about how to deal with the stress in our lives. Why is this? Why are so many people stressed?

One participant told me if he just won the lottery, he wouldn’t be stressed anymore. I noticed several people had that written on their handout. “I just need to win the lottery.” I am sure wealthy people can be stressed just like ordinary people who do not have a lot of money. Is it money or the lack of money that causes us stress? I don’t think so. Money can buy a lot of things but we could still experience stress.

Money (or any other external factor for that matter) is neither the savior nor the culprit. We are. We would like to think the source is outside of ourselves but it just isn’t true. Our perceptions of money can cause us stress. The way we use money may cause us stress. Money itself is a neutral and useful tool of our society.

One of the “tips” I offer seminar participants is to take a look at their stressors and ask, “What can I eliminate or change?” Do you really have to bake 10 types of holiday cookies? Is there another way to drive to work that is less congested? Could you use the drive time to listen to an audio book or learn a new language? What can you do? Don’t look for others to change. You need to make the changes yourself.

What’s causing you stress? What role do you play in your stress? Are you creating stress or are you creating peace?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.