January 04, 2016 / by Pat Schultz / 2 Comments

The beginning of the New Year is a time when many people make resolutions; goals they want to achieve in 2016.  Maybe this is a ritual you, too, follow.  In reality, we really don’t have to wait until a special time of the year to set goals.  We can decide at any time to make our dreams a reality.   Exactly how can we do this?

We decide.

In chapter 8 of Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, the author calls “Decision” the “Mastery of Procrastination.”  Hill goes on to say,

“ACCURATE analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, disclosed the fact that LACK OF DECISION was near the head of the list of the 30 major causes of FAILURE. This is no mere statement of a theory-it is a fact. PROCRASTINATION, the opposite of DECISION, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer.”

It’s vital that we know exactly what we want.  Most people do not know what they really want.  It is this desire which creates the momentum we need to reach our goals.  What do you really want?

In my 24 week coaching program, Thinking Into Results, I walk clients through a highly structured, step-by-step process that empowers them to:

  • Clarify their goal with absolute precision. (What you really want!)
  • Install the goal at the deepest levels of your mind. (This is the desire that drives your behavior!)
  • Harmonize the goal with the natural laws of the universe.

“The natural laws of the universe are so precise that we have no difficulty building spaceships that will travel to the moon, and we can time the landing with the precision of a fraction of a second.” (Dr. Werhner Von Braun, father of the U.S. space program) The universe is alive with forces designed to deliver whatever you truly desire.  Harmonize your clearly, fully aligned goal with the natural flow of these forces, then prepare yourself for an influx of opportunity and abundance unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

24 weeks you say!  6 months! It seems so long!  You know, those 24 weeks are going to pass by any way.  6 months from now do you want to be achieving your dreams or right where you are now??  I often comment that we live in a “microwave society”.  We want radical change but we want it in seconds.  24 weeks will fly by before you know it.  But the change you’ll experience will last forever.